Saturday, January 2, 2010

2nd January 2010

Today, I was mentioned taking the bas pass for this year in the morning.
However the counter didn’t open today. At last I went to my village with my cousin sister
Meet all of my relatives. Unfortunately, all of them went out. Then, I went back to home. Then at last one of my friend started to leak out my information. It’s about my new school.
Then the paparazzi in Malaysia knows that information. So I decided to tell to the media mass on 10th January 2010. My media mass friend started to asks about it. So I tell the truth. It just I want to start a new life. Then, at home watch movie. Indian movie kandukonden kandukonden. The characters in the movie almost suits me. After few minutes, my uncle came here for the first time after my results had been taken. He was very happy with my result. Then he started to talking about my new school. He said its not suitable to me. However he said ur decision is final decision. The now I have to think about it . Its my decision is final decision. I have to wait until when he come back from Vietnam on 11th January 2010.

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